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08.05.16 - Mathias Van Hoof - Belgian Championship


08.05.16 - Mathias Van Hoof - Belgian Championship

After 3 races for the Belgian Champonship, I like to update you about the results of your rider Mathias Van Hoof.


After the first victory in horrible bad conditions early March, Mathias still wanted to go faster and did several trainings stages and participated also in local motorcross races. Doing this, he improved his technical riding skills and added some more speed as well.


He also took part in one of the most popular Enduro races in France one month ago: Enduro of Val de Lorraine. A 2 days, big event with more than 600 riders. After the first day Mathias was 32 and one of the best rookies and new comers in this race. The second day started under very wet conditions, and unfortunately, Mathias slipped away on the grass in one of the tricky descents and his handlebar felt in his left hand and  broke the metacarpal. 


The same evening, we had X rays in the famous hospital of Herentals. There, the specialists decided to put 6 screws and a titanium plate to fix the broken bone. Normally, he should wait and rest 6 weeks. 


But on next Sunday, only 4 days (!!) later, Mathias started in the second race for the Belgian Championship. With a special brace and fighting against the pain, he managed to finish the race, won his E3 class and became 2nd overall in his U 23 class! An amazing achievement taking in account that  only few days before, he was operated and 7 stiches were in his hand to sew the open wound….


2 weeks later we had the 3rd race for the championship, which was held in the North of France. Nearly 300 km’s of special stages and connections roads, temperatures of 0 – 5 °C only, with hail, rain and snow the whole day. Horrible conditions and many riders did not make it to the finish on time….Despite lack of training,  a swollen hand and a lot of pain, he fought during the more than 8 hours race like a lion (his nickname). He went as fast as possible till the last meters and last special stages to achieve a good result. Completely exhausted, but with a lot of character,  Mathias arrived on time and did a great job for the championship:  Again he won his E 3 class and  became second overall again in the U 23 Class. 

So, despite the bad luck and hard times, Mathias is still leading the overall standing in the U 23 class with over 15 points and in his own E3 class, he got maximum points of 75 / 75!

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08.05.16 - Mathias Van Hoof - Belgian Championship
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